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Lantern Of Venice

Lantern Of Venice

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Beneath Venice's starlit sky, the Grand Canal shimmered like liquid moonlight. Gondolas glided through reflections, lanterns painting ripples of warmth. Love's whispers intertwined with the water's gentle lapping, as centuries of romance wove a tapestry of enchantment, where every ripple held a tale of amore.

  • Presented on acid-free, archival cotton Photo Rag Giclée paper (Hahnemühle)
  • Frames are heavyweight, solid wood from FSC-certified sources in Germany
  • Global delivery with tracked & insured shipping
  • Available on Hahnemühle Print, Canvas & Acrylic Glass
  • Opt for Black or White Wood Frame for Print & Canvas
  • Opt for Black or Silver Aluminum Frame for Acrylic Glass Prints
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